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GroupMAN 1.5 Now Available

We are happy to announce GroupMAN 1.5. This is primarily a maintenance release, however we are happy to introduce several new features.
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IdeaUse GroupMAN To Keep Customers Informed of Important Announcements

Create a list that customers and potential customers can join (from your website if you wish). To keep them informed of new products, updates and special promotions. GroupMAN's sophisticated subscription system allows you to offer your customers an automated means to opt-in or opt-out of the announcement list. E-mail is the most cost effective means to announce products and promotions!

Other GroupMAN Uses
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ListServer Lists have long served open-source projects, fan-clubs, hobby related discussions and communications within circles of friends and family. GroupMAN provides everything you need to run your own personal listserver list! With GroupMAN you can manage any type of list imaginable, private, public, moderated, un-moderated. The control is yours!

With GroupMAN you need not purchase list software for several thousands of dollars that requires server hardware to run on, a system administrator to maintain, and additional mail server software. GroupMAN can run on your existing PC, on any version of Windows, with only a POP3 e-mail account (which comes with virtually every internet access account).

Some Typical

Keep in Touch With Family Members.
Are members of your family living in different cities or even different countries? Why not start a GroupMAN listserv list so that the family stays in touch? Share photos & files, plan events, announce important events, or just discuss the latest family gossip. GroupMAN makes it easy to keep in touch.

Start A Debate Group.
Do you love to discuss current events? Why not start a group dedicated to discussing and debating current world events. Post subscription information on your web site and meet a whole new world of people willing to discuss the issues with you.

Further the cause!
Are you saving the environment, confronting social issues or have some other cause you care greatly for? A GroupMAN listserv list can help get people involved and keep people informed of issues that affect their lives. A GroupMAN list can bring issues to people's attention who may not have considered the issues before.

Special Interest Groups
Many special interest groups, clubs, hobbyists, and organizations already have realized the power and convienence in listserv lists. Got a hobby, why not start a GroupMAN discussion list and share ideas with others who also enjoy your interests.

Make Some $$$ On The Side.
Since ListServer lists are usually targeted to people who share a specific interest, you may be able to sell advertising to companies wishing to reach that market. Advertising can be particularly effective in e-mail newsletters.