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GroupMAN 1.5 Now Available

We are happy to announce GroupMAN 1.5. This is primarily a maintenance release, however we are happy to introduce several new features.
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IdeaUse GroupMAN For Your Special Interest Group

Many special interest groups, clubs, hobbyists, and organizations already have realized the power and convienence in listserv lists. Got a hobby, why not start a GroupMAN discussion list and share ideas with others who also enjoy your interests.

IdeaNever Forget A Meeting Again

GroupMAN's reminders will automatically email you about important events. You can have these reminders sent to only you, or your whole group..

GroupMAN For Business
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GroupMAN offers small and medium sized businesses a cost-effective list solution. With GroupMAN you can manage any type of list imaginable, private, public, moderated, un-moderated. The control is yours!

With GroupMAN you need not purchase list software for several thousands of dollars that requires server hardware to run on, a system administrator to maintain, and additional mail server software. GroupMAN can run on your existing PC, on any version of Windows, with only a POP3 e-mail account (which comes with virtually every internet access account). Compare costs of the requirements of competing list software products for yourself:

Server and Server Hardware
Use your existing PC.
List Software
Mail Server Software
Use your existing POP3 e-mail account. Or even use a free one!
System Administrator
Once configured, GroupMAN runs itself!
Dedicated Internet Connection
GroupMAN can operate under a dial-up connection!
Approximate Total

Business Specific Features...
GroupMAN is a feature-rich ListServer with additional features not found in other packages specifically designed for the business environment. Here is a partial list of some of the business specific features GroupMAN offers.

Want to remind everybody that they need to have their progress reports to you on Friday? GroupMAN makes it easy to schedule a reminder that is automatically mailed to the mailing list on the date you specify. GroupMAN also allows you to create reminders that are only sent to you, never forget to stop at the grocery on the way home again!

File Repository
Finding that up-to-date version of the project specs can be a daunting task, especially if it has been updated a multitude of times. You open your email and find a what you think is the last copy that has been sent to you but find out after the work is completed that you were working from an outdated version! Never again! GroupMAN allows each list to maintain a repository of shared files. Request any of the files in the repository by simply sending an email to the list or request a catalog of all the available files. GroupMAN's sophisticated file repository allows files to be added, requested, updated and deleted through simple email requests. Configure the repository to allow anyone to update repository files or only allow the original poster the ability to update the file.

Web Archive
GroupMAN will optionally upload a web reference for your list to your website or to your intranet. The web reference can contain a stats and general information page, message archive with all of the messages ever sent to your list, the file repository catalog, and a listing of all upcoming public reminders.

Some Typical
Business Uses:
Many businesses have already realized the value of using ListServer lists in their daily business dealings. GroupMAN can provide many practical solutions to common business communication dilemmas. GroupMAN can help in many areas of business including: Newsletters, Employee Communications, Technical Support, Project Management, Product Announcements, Advertising Revenue

Create customer loyalty and keep your clients up to date with company news and promotions. Newsletters are one of the strongest, cost-effective ways to enhance reach your customers.

Employee Communications.
Keep employees up to date with company news, new incentives. An employee discussion list can offer your employees stronger involvement in the workplace by providing feedback on policy changes and the direction of the company.

Technical Support
Save time and money by creating a technical support forum for your product. An product discussion list allows other users of your product to answer questions provide advice and tips that they've learned which you may not even be aware of! Using discussion lists for technical support is nothing new, it has been proven time and time again as an effective means to offset existing support channel workloads. Many times another user of your product will answer before your technical support staff!

Project Management

Improve communication with your team and your client by creating discussion lists for individual projects. Keep everyone in the loop and create an atmosphere where your client feels informed and comfortable with your company. A project discussion list can allow team members and the client resolve issues as they arise without completing the project to find out that the client isn't happy with it.

GroupMAN's file repository features offer a common place to store and maintain shared files and documents. Never find yourself searching for the newest version of the project specifications again!

Product Announcements
Create a list that customers and potential customers can join (from your website if you wish). To keep them informed of new products, updates and special promotions. GroupMAN's sophisticated subscription system allows you to offer your customers an automated means to opt-in or opt-out of the announcement list. E-mail is the most cost effective means to announce products and promotions!

Advertising Revenue
Since ListServer lists are usually targeted to people who share a specific interest, you may be able to sell advertising to companies wishing to reach that market. Advertising can be particularly effective in e-mail newsletters.